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10 thoughts on “Whats your thoughts?

  1. Great use of contrast. The black lingerie and boots (which help her eyebrows and mascara pop) vs the light colors of the environment and hat, and the soft lighting from the windows looks good.

  2. I think I would maybe suggest having the back leg be out to elongate her shape? The hat makes it kind of… stubby? Like ending abruptly, so you need to make added length if that makes sense?

    I am not a photographer just amateur artist with an eye. Humble opinion. But I do quite like the shot! I did the lighting and the mood set.

  3. I would suggest a different lipstick/stain or maybe even chapstick. Zoomed out it almost gives the appearance of severely chapped and white lips. Me personally, I would have the hat tilted a little in some direction, make things feel more playful

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