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8 thoughts on “Trying a boudoir shoot for the first time. (All Feedback welcome)

  1. If this is unretouched, the exposure is way off. The underexposure loses details in the shadow and makes the entire photo lack contrast. the pose has a lot of potential though.

  2. Your exposure is way to low. You have no details in the photo. If you bumped it up a stop or two and crush your blacks it might get q similar vibe, but with much more detail for the viewer to take in.

  3. I love dark photos but even this is a bit dark for me. If you have the ability to edit the image, even bumping up the limited highlights would help tremendiously.

  4. I find this amazing. The one thing I would do is mind the tones of/on the model vs the background. I would have tried to do something lighter for lingerie pieces or have her be on a clear wall spot to make her pop without touching the exposure (to have it as is)
    Amazing job OP

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