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3 thoughts on “My first post here. The pic is from a recent sunrise photoset. Would love to get some feedback

  1. I like how you connect with the viewer, the eye contact is solid. Your expression works very well for the image as well because I get the sense of how relaxed you are – this gives a very inviting and sexy vibe to it while staying playful.

    Using the golden hour is always challenging for light, and I think you did well, but I think having your leg on the sunlight side at different angles might give more variety to the way the light falls across the torso. Nice shot!

  2. I love the composition and colors of the picture, but I feel like the arm position above the head in this pose isn’t as sensual as it could be because it doesnt look as relaxed. I think I would have the model maybe cross her arms to perk the chest and add a little head tilt.

  3. Beautiful shot over all and love the dead on stare. It makes for a very inviting shot. I personally wish the arms and hands were in a more relaxed and less posed position. The biggest piece of this the bugs me personally is that I can’t see the other leg like I can with the one in the light. I wish the camera would have been positioned directly center over the hammock to provide perfect symmetry with the model.

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