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3 thoughts on “Messing around with low key lighting. How do I avoid colour banding?

  1. The shot looks good to me honestly. I feel like color banding is inevitable in a lot of low key setups but also I think it just depends on the device and source that the image is on.

  2. Are you shooting in RAW or JPEG? RAW mode let you push tone and data more without seeing those artifact creeping up since it is not compressed. I’m not saying that it will solve this, but it might be less prononce.

    If you already shoot in RAW, maybe you could try the “expose to right” technique where you “over expose” you scene (I don’t say blown out the highlight, but expose more than what you would desired in the final photo, then darken you image in post), to take advantage of the fact that the camera usually gather more data on the high tone than the low tone. So that way, you have more data to play with in the light than the shadow and could reduce those artifact.

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