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5 thoughts on “From today’s shoot. My first ladder nude.

  1. Use a classier ladder, or omit the brand name. The garden-variety Home Depot aluminum plexi Werner doesn’t quite go with the lady.

  2. absolutely wonderful lighting. I agree with the other post below to eliminate the logo and it would be a lot less distracting (unless of course you MEANT to keep the brand of ladder in there!)

  3. Love the shading of her face. and the placement of her arms. Alot of the other compostion choices are a bit confusing though. Like why a ladder? in a different context the ladder would speak to me more, such as in a shed where other tools are lying around. In front of a solid color backdrop though, the ladder feels more distracting than anything. It feels like you closed your eyes and reached into a prop bag and boom, pulled out ladder. Otherwise its clear you know how to pose a subject and have an eye for lighting becasue all those elemetns look beautiful 🙂

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