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5 thoughts on “First solo shoot!

  1. My first time taking boudoir pics on my own, I’ve done a shoot with a professional before and wanted to recreate! Any suggestions are welcome!

  2. So I also do a lot of self shoots. The biggest struggle I have is with my focus and in this shot it looks like you struggled with focus a bit. I personally set an object in the scene roughly where I want my focal point to be and set the focus and lock it. Also investing in a remote and using that on a small timer works wonderfully. Overall I think you did decent for you first solo attempt.

  3. What gear are you using? For some cameras there are apps for controlling your camera remotely.

    Shutterspeed seems to be too long and focus is not where it needs to be. Anyways keep up the good job.

  4. Yeah, self boudoir is kinda difficult for me. I usually end up shooting tons with auto focus enabled and hope that one catches, I’ve recently started doing what others have suggested which was manual focus on something roughly where you want said focal point.

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