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7 thoughts on “Feedback appreciated – Shot on Canon EOS R with a 50 mm f/1.2 lens. SS: 320, F1.8, ISO: 1,000

  1. This is a really good shot but I do have a couple of things.

    It’s a little on the bright side for my tastes. Also, next time have the client slightly lift up off the feet. This will help to keep the shape in her butt better. Does that make since?

  2. I second the model taking the weight off her feet to show the true shape of her booty. The lighting looks spot on. If it’s too bright, I’d say adjust exposure down a bit but I fine tweak that while editing. How are you liking your canon? Still learning all the options on mine.

  3. When shooting boudoir, try and be a “caster of shadows” rather than a person trying to light a scene. The client has a lovely form, but you need to show it by using more shadow, as well as lifting her bottom from her feet a bit so they aren’t squishing her cheeks. If you had this *exact* same scene in the future, you should both rotate about 20 degrees counter-clockwise and shoot the same shot and see what you prefer. Also, a lower angle is probably preferable then, since we won’t see up her crack due to the shadow.

  4. Just curious why you’ve got the ISO cranked up so high… seems quite excessive. Personally, I wouldn’t want it any higher than 400 for portraiture unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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