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3 thoughts on “Duo photoshoot topless

  1. I dont see many boudoirs with two people in it. except for when its couples and i have no clue if these two girls are a couple. The lighting, the pose, and the choice to put it in black and white all give this a very nice relaxed energy that works really well. weather they are lovers or not, they both look super natural and comfertable in one anothers embrace. One thing i would have changed is the direction the two girls are looking. Weather or not a subject looks at the camera or not is extremly capeable of changing the feel of a photo. And too me it feels kind of strange that one of them is looking at the camera and the other is not. I think it would have looked great if the higher up girls head was in the same spot(because it is resting on the counch and looks really relaxed) but had her eyeballs looking downand towards the other girl. I Think it would have relaxed the tone of the photo even more. But overall this shot is really pretty. And it is definitlly “frame and hang on the wall” worthy

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