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9 thoughts on “Black & white but how can I improve? Other backgrounds?

  1. What is the brightest thing in the shot? It’s it next to something dark so it creates contrast that draws the eye? Human faces and areas of high contrast make humans look there first. Since the wall and floor are the greatest contrast, and you have no face in the shot, the brain had no area of interest. That’s what areas I would try and fix next time. However, of she felt beautiful, then give yourself points for accomplishing the bigger goal. 🥂

  2. Composition-wise, some tips I can say are look out for cropping the subject off in awkward places. Here, we almost see the entirety of her hair…then we just run into the bottom of the frame. I think it would feel more balanced if the camera were lower to see where her hair ends, with a little bit of room to “breathe” in my opinion. But that’s just me, I’m always a stickler with things like cutting off feet/hands when the entire figure is almost shown.

    The other thing is related to the background. The way that the stairs creep into the upper corner of the frame kind of intrudes on the background and competes for attention away from the subject. Similarly with the electrical outlet disrupting the solid white wall.

    These are the biggest areas that jump out at me that steal the focus away from the figure. Otherwise, I think the pose and perspective are really nice.

  3. Respectfully, the composition here isn’t very good. There is too much information in this photo. Crop out that white wall s that we only focus on the model. The entire background is so distracting. Erase that socket in your editor too.

  4. I would edit out the power outlet. Also, I personally like believable boudoir. That is, d9es it make sense to be posed in a particular way in a particular setting. I’m not sure this composition makes a lot of sense, why would she be laying on the floor with her legs against that wall?

  5. Boudoir is defined as a woman’s bedroom, dressing area, or private sitting area. The hallway vibe throws it off. And the focal point of this shot is her elbow although probably not intentional. Keep at it!

  6. The model, the old plank wood and I like the triangle wall, agree to edit out outlet and maybe add a piece of art on wall…. This picture is loaded with potential

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